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Women’s Advocate Program

Women in the FFAW

Women make the Union strong

Women make up about half of the union’s industrial members and about 24 per cent of the inshore which translates into approximately 30 percent of the total membership. The FFAW-Unifor Women’s Committee is made up of representatives from the Inshore and Industrial-Retail-Offshore sectors.

A Woman’s place is in her Union

Women’s involvement and participation continues to increase with women holding positions on various plant, bargaining and women's committees, on the Councils of the Union and the FFAW-Unifor's Executive Board. Women are also enterprise owners and crew members on fishing vessels. Besides working in non-traditional industries such as fish harvesting, we have women who work in the welding and brewing industries. 

The Women of FFAW-Unifor has been involved in a number of campaigns including the struggle to have universal not-for-profit child care program, Safety at Sea, the fight for improvements to the country’s Employment Insurance program, and the ongoing struggle to end violence against women - including a Women's Advocate Program.

In addition, the Women of FFAW-Unifor have worked to have their voices heard within their Union by working to ensure there are places for them at the Union’s decision-making tables.