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Rural Works

A renewed rural economic strength is slowly building...

Built upon a fishery that is more valuable than ever and a tourism industry that celebrates our unique rural culture...

Rural NL is on the cusp of a great economic future...

A great future for rural NL awaits if we can overcome the hurdles of today...


Read the Rural Works Launch press release here.

Our resources, our jobs

  • The fishery is worth more than $1 billion annually with most of the benefit flowing to rural NL.
  • New fishery opportunities are estimated to be worth an additional $500 million annually. The most promising is the new northern cod fishery.
  • The tourism industry is valued at several hundred million per year for rural NL, much of it tied to the culture and experiences of the fishery.
  • Incomes related to the fishery have steadily increased since the late 1990s.

Building a vibrant future

For the rural economy to meet its potential, two significant challenges must be met:

1. Better marine resource
management; and
2. A practical strategy to support
rural in-migration.


How does RURAL WORKS meet these challenges?

By creating a large coalition to speak as one to demand that the people of rural NL be the primary beneficiaries of the marine resources in the adjacent ocean.

By promoting that the application of adjacency creates significant wealth for rural NL, particularily in cod, shrimp and halibut.

By focusing on creating good jobs that pay better with a significant work season. Jobs attract people, which in turn attracts the need for services and more people. This is how population and local tax basis grow.


United for rural Newfoundland & Labrador

RURAL WORKS brings together the positive forces for rural economic growth as one community of interest.

RURAL WORKS is inclusive: if you favour rural renewal, rural economic and population growth, and a strong rural voice, then you are in favour of RURAL WORKS

RURAL WORKS is based in reality- rural NL is primarily a fishing economy. That economy works. There is no need to reinvent rural NL, just make it stronger.