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Cod Price Negotiations


Cod price negotiations were held this week in St. John’s. After two days of hard collective bargaining, FFAW and ASP have come to an agreement on price for the 2019-2020 cod season. The prices are as follows:


May 15 to August 3, 2019:

Grade ‘A’ – 82 cents per pound    

Grade ‘B’ – 38 cents per pound

Grade ‘C’ – 20 cents per pound


August 4 to close of fishery:

Grade ‘A’ – 90 cents per pound

Grade ‘B’ – 40 cents per pound

Grade ‘C’ – 20 cents per pound 


Overall, the price for grade ‘A’ cod is 8.4% higher this year than in 2018.


Thank you to the cod negotiating committee for your hard work and input during negotiations.