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Meeting for All Fish Harvesters - St. Brendan's, Plate Cove, South West Arm, Heart's Content, Old Perlican, Bay de Verde, Lower Island Cove


FFAW will be holding meetings for all fish harvesters in the following communities from November 14 to 21:

Tuesday, November 14
10:30am at the Community Hall in St. Brendan's
7:00pm at the Parish Hall in Plate Cove West (Harvesters from Tickle Cove to Plate Cove)

Wednesday, November 15
2:00pm at the GBS Centre in Gooseberry Cove (Harvesters from South West Arm)

Monday, November 20
9:30am at the Heart's Content Community Centre
1:30pm at the John Hoskins Community Centre in Old Perlican

Tuesday, November 21
2:00pm at St. Barnabas Hall in Bay de Verde
7:00pm at the AYLA Community Centre in Lower Island Cove (Harvesters from Caplin Cove to Small Point)

If you have any questions, please contact John Boland in the St. John's office at 709-576-7276.