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The policies ensure that the benefits of the inshore fishery are focused on the local level and under local stewardship, keeping the value of the fishery in our province. Without these policies, there is no control over who benefits from the wealth of our adjacent waters - harvesters and communities become just a small part of the supply chain from which someone else profits. Without the policies, young harvesters are unable to purchase their own fishing licenses at a reasonable cost.
We support a sustainable fishery and sound science-based fisheries management. However, there are significant issues in this approach that will have dire effects on the future of our communities.
Coming out of the meeting, FFAW-Unifor will be holding consultations with all fleet committees around the province before the start of the spring fishery with the intent to get harvester input on the development of a new sustainable fisheries management plan. Most importantly, this formula for the Limit Reference Point will not be used for determining quotas for the 2019 snow crab fishery.