The Fish, Food and Allied Workers Union (FFAW-Unifor) represents approximately 15,000 working women and men throughout Newfoundland and Labrador, most of whom are employed in the fishing industry. We also have members working in the hotel, hospitality, brewing, metal fabrication and oil industries.

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“Years of excessive processing exemptions, providing the bare-minimum number of hours of work to plant workers, all while blocking workers’ efforts to have occupational health and safety addressed is not what I would call a commitment to the people of this province,” says Sullivan.
Even a small spill can have far reaching consequences on global seafood markets, and the potential for socio-economic ramifications on the fishing industry cannot be ignored by industry and government.
To be clear, the real issue here is a coordinated effort by processing companies to supress the inshore cod fishery for their own greed and self-interest. Large companies would love nothing more than to prevent the inshore fishery from building capacity to harvest the promised first 115,000 tonnes of northern cod. The goal of these corporations is to step in to fish it themselves once the stock has grown. We will not allow this to happen.
“Without a doubt, there is an overpopulation of harp and grey seal populations in our region. There is significant predation within the ecosystem that has an impact on important fish species. The magnitude of that impact is what is unknown, and we are hopeful this Atlantic Seal Task Team will provide the data needed to push DFO to take action to control the seal populations to protect rebuilding fish stocks,” says FFAW-Unifor Secretary-Treasurer David Decker.

Tags are available for the EX Sector Fishery for Bluefin tuna as part of the Mexican quota transfer.

In response to the illegal lockout being undertaken by processing companies, FFAW-Unifor members will hold a demonstration in Old Perlican on Monday, August 12 at 11 am. In addition, fish harvesters will be landing their catch in St. John’s on Monday morning and will offer free cod to the public rather than let the product go to waste.
Yesterday afternoon, FFAW-Unifor submitted a formal request to Minister of Fisheries and Land Resources, Gerry Byrne, in response to illegal lockout by processing companies refusing to buy cod from fish harvesters. The action taken by processors is a direct violation of the Fishing Industry Collective Bargaining Act.